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Dr. Kessler is truly caring surgeon who has his patient’s best interest in mind. Unlike many other Lasik surgeons, Dr. Kessler will be with you through every stages of the procedure from initial consultations, pre-operative evaluations, during the day of your surgery, and all post-operative visits. No optometrists or technicians perform your examinations ensuring you, the patient, will get the most experienced care available. This is why thousands of patients have felt completely comfortable with their decision to have Dr. Kessler perform their surgery.

State of the Art Lasik Equipment:
Dr. Kessler continues to use state of the art equipment that has been FDA approved. He currently performs his Laser Vision Correction procedures (Lasik & Epi-Lasik) with the top of the line VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser, equipped with the latest software and hardware upgrades. These include: ActiveTrak 100% eye tracking, Smooth scan treatments & Variable Spot Scanning, Iris Registration with automatic centering & CustomVue Wavefront Guided Laser Vision Correction.


Advanced Technology:
The VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser is the latest technology in Laser Vision Correction. This laser corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Using the CustomVue wavefront software, Dr. Kessler is able to deliver a truely individualized precise custom laser treatment.


Learn More about Carroll County’s Advanced Cataract Surgery and how Dr. Kessler will customize your Lens Implant.
Dr. Kessler is committed to offering the safest and most effective treatment for cataracts. At his practice, serving Carroll County, he performs cataract surgery using modern surgical techniques that are designed to make your experience comfortable and pain-free.

Today’s advanced technologies are helping more people see better than ever before. Dr. Kessler is excited to offer his cataract patients many options for lens implants, including the ReSTOR and ReZoom™ lens implants. With these lens implants, cataract patients can experience clear vision at all distances, even for close-up reading without glasses or bifocals!

Andrew I. Kessler, M. D. is a
managing partner in the office of
Weintraub & Kessler, LLC

200 Washington Heights
Westminster, MD 21157


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State of the Art Eye Surgery Center:
Dr. Kessler is a managing partner and owner of the Carroll County Eye Surgery Center located in Westminster, MD. Dr. Kessler designed and equipped this center with the best technology available. Dr. Kessler performes all his cataract surgery and Laser Vision Correction procedures at this facility.


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